The Department of Planning & Information Technology Innovation is saddled with the following responsibilities:

ü  Liaising with other relevant MDAs on ICT.

ü  Advising the State Government on ICT related matters.

ü  Ensuring ICT capacity building for IT professionals and other public officers.

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The departmental goal is to assist the government to realize its policy objectives on Information Technology with minimum resources as input and world best practice.

The Department of Engineering and IT infrastructure is the Engine room of the Agency. It encompasses computer engineering, Network Infrastructure management (both LAN and WAN), Data Centre, ICT facilities and other related equipment used to develop or support IT services in the state.

The department comprises of a pool of experienced ICT professionals in various fields of ICT and Engineering.


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The department of Software Development is saddled with the following responsibilities:

ü  Ensuring standardization conformity of new software solutions with the existing ones

ü  Assisting other MDAs on ICT related issues

ü  Developing and testing software solutions.


The department Civic Data Centre is saddled with the following responsibilities:

ü  Collection of Ondo State residents’ data.

ü  To coordinate the production and deployment of Kaadi IgbeAyo issued to residents of this state which will serve as an interface in all interactions between government and the populace.

ü  To help government take the statistics of all basic features of its residents.


The department of Finance and Administration is saddled with the following responsibilities:

ü  Manages human and capital resources.

ü  Implementation of policies of the Government.

ü  Planning and coordinating the activities of other units to achieve the goal of the establishments.



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Adekunle Ajasin Road, opposite Nigeria Police Micro Finance Bank (NPF), Akure.


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